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BrooklynPBJS had the honor to chat with up and rising South Asian star: Sonal Shah best known for playing Dr. Sunny Dey in the hit comedy "Scrubs." Born and raised in the heart of the midwest, still ipod-less living in the City of Angels, Sonal opens up about how she rolls...

PBJS: How can you not want to pass out everytime you see Zach Braff- he is just so darn cute?

SS: I do pass out every time I see Zach Braff. How did you know? Are you stalking me?? I hope so! Every time I see Zach Braff, my heart skips a beat and I forget how to breathe…and then before you know it, I wake up in a beautiful yellow meadow wearing a white dress. And Zach is there. Dancing.

PBJS: Tell us why you are the baddest of them all in regards to the up and rising stars of Hollywood?

SS: First of all…THANK YOU!!! To be honest, I think it’s because of my giant muscles. They are so big the Olympics won’t stop calling, and I’m gonna need to file a restraining order.

PBJS: Are you religious? What do you believe in?

SS: I believe in God. Yes, I’m religious and I am also spiritual. I believe religion is one’s personal way of connecting to God and having a community to share that with. I was raised Jain and I have a very close connection to the Jain community and I follow many Jain principles including that of observing a non-violent life. Hmmm…I’d actually say I believe in all religions and do not believe one is superior to another. I believe God can be found everywhere, within people, in nature… I will pray anywhere- in temples, in churches, on a mountain, in my room...I also believe that everything happens for a reason and we should always be compassionate and of service to others. Whew- That was a long-winded response…and I could still blab on and on about this subject, but I will

PBJS: If you could have a tagline- what would it be?

SS: The little brown girl that could

PBJS: First names that come to mind: Hollywood Crush, Most talented woman in Hollywood *besides you duh*, and your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Go.

SS: Adam Brody, Kate Winslet, and Raphael because he is the “baddest”.

PBJS: You are vegetarian! (BrooklynPBJS LOVES THIS)- what is your favorite quick eat and would you be willing to share a recipe with your fans here?

SS: Yes, I am a veggie! I love making Indian food and everything I’ve learned is from my awesome mama… Saag Paneer is very easy and fast so I will share that (btw, did you know spinach has protein in it?!) I guarantee it will be yummy and healthy!! -throw a little oil into a wok; sauté 2 cloves of minced garlic, a little ginger, and a small amount of chopped onions (two boiler onions); then add the at least 10 oz of freshly washed spinach; add a spoonful of water; add ½ spoon of salt; let it cook for a few minutes (it will cook pretty fast…and yes, the spinach is supposed to shrink); add a pinch of tumeric, a ½ spoon of paprika, and a full spoon of coriander/cumin powder; add more spice to taste. After it is cooked, you can throw in cubes of frozen paneer (homemade cheese) bought at at any ole’ Indian store, or you can even just add cubes of a cheese of your choice (mozzerella works!).

PBJS: We hear that a staff member took you to a school dance- any details please??? We would love to embarrass “S”

SS: Hmm…I don’t recall such a circumstance (which could or could not be a good thing). Do keep in mind, I would love for a staff member to take me to a school dance. I’m as single as a horse galloping into the sunset…and I have no “game.” Every time I see an attractive dude, I get really nervous and run away. Earlier today, I tried to pick up a dude when I was jogging, and then I remembered I was wearing a visor.

PBJS: Have you had a “I Love LA” moment lately? Please share- we love our “I Love NYC moments.”

SS: Yes, it was just the other day because I was chillin at a coffee shop in West Hollywood (which is kind of a bustling part of the city), and 10 minutes later, I was hiking up a beautiful mountain, and then soon after that I was listening to jazz by the peaceful ocean! The city and nature are so close to each other and each part of the city has its own personality. I still get chills every time I’m on Hollywood Boulevard…or at a farmer’s market! Life here can be challenging at times… but it’s what you make of it and I’d rather choose to love it over hate it. I’ve learned so much being on my own and have made a lot of fantastic friends out here (nobody comparable to my best friend who lives in NYC. You may know her.)

PBJS: Good segway, when are you going to visit your best friend in NYC? :+)

SS: Immediately! I’m so proud of her! We both left Chicago at the same time and she moved to the east coast because she got a total badass position with ESPN, and I moved to LA to pursue acting. We are creating an East Coast-West Coast rap so get ready!

For some of Sonals work:

Be sure to check Sonal Shah out in the upcoming episodes of SCRUBS next season on ABC. For more information visit:


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